Step 7

Rubik's Cube Solution


Switching YELLOW Edge Pieces into Correct Positions


Completing the Rubik's Cube

Congrats!!! You have made it to the final step of How to Solve the Rubik's Cube. The cube looks almost finished minus a few edge pieces. There are two easy possible scenarios in this step with two similar algorithms. 

Two Scenarios

4 incorrect edge pieces

Rubik's Cube solution
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Rubik's Cube Solution
Rubik's Cube Solution
Rubik's Cube solution

In this stage -when no edge pieces are in their correct positions- pick any side and do the algorithm. The color of the incorrect edge piece determines which algorithm you choose. If the edge piece is the same color as the right face of the cube (if viewing the blue face the right face would be red) you do the UR Algorithm. If the color of the edge piece matches the color of the face on your left do the UL algorithm, vice versa. Always do the algorithm that matches your scenario. After completing the sequence of the algorithm you will go to the next scenario!

3 incorrect edge pieces

Rubik's Cube solution

In this stage, 3 edge pieces are in the wrong positions. The side with the correct edge piece would be placed in the back. ( In this example, the blue side would be in the back and you should be facing the green side )  Because the green side has a red edge piece you will do the UL algorithm and take the edge piece to the left face which is red.

Rubik's Cube solution
Rubik's Cube solution
Rubik's Cube solution

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UL Algorithm : 

FR , FR , UL , LD , RD , FR, FR , LU , RU , UL , FR , FR

UR Algorithm : 

FR , FR , UR , LD , RD , FR , FR , LU , RU , UR , FR , FR

You may need to repeat the algorithm a few times to complete the cube! Make sure you are moving the edge piece in the right direction through either the UL or UR algorithm!

If the instructions on this page are not clear hopefully the video will help.

With the correct steps in order and after completing the algorithms you will have completed your cube!!!


If this is your first time, I hope you are super excited as I was when I completed my cube for the very first time.

You have acquired a skill that many avoid because it seems daunting or the thought of "I can't" appears in their mind. Recognize that you stayed persistent and made it all the way through the guide. 

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