Step 6

Rubik's Cube Solution


Placing all YELLOW Corners

into Correct Positions

Congrats on finishing the Top Layer. This is the homestretch so do not give up here.  

In this step, you will place the top layer's corner pieces in their correct positions. You get your cube into the right scenario for an algorithm by placing at least two of the corners in their correct positions. 

Two Positions

When viewing the cube after solving the Yellow Top Face, some of the yellow corner pieces can be placed into their correct spots (all colors corresponding to the centerpieces) by twisting the top face once or more. Try to place any two yellow corners into their right spot and do the following algorithm. 

If you only have one corner that is in its correct position continue with the algorithm. You may only have one corner if you took the route of the secret "shortcut" in Step 4. Otherwise, you will most likely have at least two corners that are correct. 

It does not matter what combination of corners are in their correct spots as long as they are in their correct spots. After doing so, go on with the algorithm.

*May require a repeat of the algorithm multiple times*


RD , FR , RD , BL , BL , RU , FL , RD , BL , BL , RU , RU , UR


The video only shows one scenario of the vast amount of possibilities. Recognize placing some of the corners in their correct positions and do the following algorithm. 

Remember to keep practicing. After you are done, keep practicing. Just because you have solved this step after following the algorithm does not mean you mastered this step. After you master each step, move on to the next. 

We will see you on the FINAL step.