Step 3


Creating the SECOND layer

View with white center piece on bottom and yellow center piece on top

Congrats on getting to Step 3. Many do not even get here. This is where you will have to start to memorize some algorithms depending on the situation of your cube. 

You will want to set your cube according to the two scenarios you see here. In Figure 3.1 you see the piece that is circled in white. The blue edge piece contains an orange edge piece. Because of this match, you will recognize that this edge piece belongs on the blue and orange face. To get this edge piece into its destination, circled in red, you do the algorithm below Figure 3.1.

In Figure 3.2, you see that the green edge piece is in the "sweet spot". Sometimes the edge piece is partnered up with a yellow piece. We will discuss what to do later if that ever happens. However, in this case in Figure 3.2, you see that the green edge piece is partnered with an orange edge piece. This lets you know that this edge piece belongs to the green and orange face. To get the edge piece to the right side you do the mirrored algorithm of the previous scenario. 

Two Scenarios


UR , LU , UL , LD , UL , FR , UR , FL

Destination - 

- Sweet Spot


UL , RU , UR , RD , UR , FL , UL , FR

In the video, you may hear me talking about moving the edge piece to the left or right side. This is in reference to the two algorithms that you will have to memorize in Step 3. As you can see Figure 3.1 is taking the edge piece to the left destination while in Figure 3.2 you are taking the edge piece to the right destination. 

Make sure after you complete this step,

1) Mix up the cube all over again

2) Then complete the white cross, the white face, then the second layer      10X

Only through repetition will you begin to memorize the algorithms for the following steps to heart. 

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