Step 2

Rubik's Cube Solution

Solve the WHITE corners

Congratulations on solving the white cross! Now the next step is to put the white corners in their correct spots.

Sweet Spots

Rubik's Cube Solution

RD , DR , RU

Rubik's Cube Solution

Destination - 

- Sweet Spot

RD , DL , RU

Your corners are going to be all over the place but many of the times you will be able to get the right corners in the correct spots by getting them into "Sweet Spots". Always be aware of where you are placing your corner pieces. If your corner piece also has colors red and blue, make sure you are taking the corner piece to the destination that is in the corner of the red and blue faces. Again, we know that the cube will have a red side if the centerpiece of that side is red. 

If you do not know what that means in regards to the centerpiece, stop right here and go back to the turn tutorials. in the previous step.

If you are progressing forward,

1) Watch this video

2) Then use the guide above!

3) Finally, do NOT move on without practicing getting the entire white face. Do it over and over again until you have done it 10 Times. 

The cube only gets easier from here so do not give up! Stay persistent and follow the guide.