Step 1

The Goal:

Rubik's Cube Solution

The goal of Step 1 is to 

Create a WHITE cross

Shaded Colors in the figure above do not matter

The white cross (Step 1) is the only step without the use of an algorithm. This is because the order of the placement of the white edge pieces does not matter. 

Therefore you have to use a lot of intuition. You need to be able to recognize that the white edge pieces have a color attached to them that shows where the exact location of it should be. Always get the edge piece on either the right face or the left face to be able to bring the edge piece up on the white face.  


Check out the tips that work for me in the video below:

If you already know how to create the white cross. You have the hardest part and the most intuitive part of the Rubik's cube solved! Great Job.