A Rubik’s Poem

Thanks to Dan Van der Vieren (aka "Mr. VdV") in Colorado. The poem was posted in couplets, in a total of 12 tweets over two days. Very creative!

At first, my students were at a loss

When I told them they must "solve for the cross"

One said with mismatched cubies, "I got a face!"

I grinned and replied, "Your edges are misplaced."

I showed him the error; "Turn it this way."

He put down the Cube; "I'm done for the day."

The very next morning, he greeted me with a Cube.

"Mr. VdV, I have been watching YouTube!"

I told him, "Great! Can you show me right here?"

As I reached for a mixedup Cube by Abe's ear.

He grabbed the Cube and started to twist.

He nodded at each turn like he'd followed a list.

"Awesome! Now how about layer two?"

"Uh, not yet. I don't know what to do."

"Follow these steps, it's not too bad."

His eyes got wide; I must have scared the lad!

He came to me the next day with a smile.

"I think I got it, but it took me awhile!"

"Show me!" I said, as he grabbed his hexahedron.

Within two short minutes, he was completely done.

With a cry of victory, he shouted "Sweet!"

I winked and said, "You've got my time to beat!"

Days after that, more students were solving,

And now, I'm proud to say, the program's evolving!

This is from the site, check them out!:


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