Are you familiar with this place?

The Clifton Park - Halfmoon Public Library is a great resource.

We are going to use it for your child's benefit.

You may be a parent wondering what the best way to set your child for success is. Also, I am sure you have heard the saying "it takes a village to raise a child". My team and I are here to help. 

There are many things that we could help with.. but we want you to receive something first:  FREE with A LOT OF VALUE.

The SATs is a first start.

**If you are unfamiliar with what the SAT is or about its redesign check out an official explanation click here

We want to provide a similar test taking environment as if  it were like taking the official SATs. This can all be done with groups of students, a time monitor, and a test.

And... yes! This would all be held at the Clifton Park-Halfmoon Public Library.

This public location provides the comfort and knowledge that your child will be safe. We welcome all ages reasonable of taking a college preparation exam. 

And... remember.. this service to you is all FREE. Your test scores will also be available to you without charge. 

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One last thing, this type of service may not be available if there is not enough interest!


Therefore we need your help to share the word. 

Tell your friends to email to reserve a spot: