To learn how to solve the Rubik's Cube you have to understand how the turns move. There are terms that the Rubik's Cube community uses to guide people on which moves to make. Many people like to use the inverse symbol to represent a counter-clockwise turn. Such as that R means a clockwise turn on the Right face and R' would mean a counter-clockwise turn on the Right face.


However, for beginners, the traditional terminology can get really confusing. Therefore the diagram below is altered to help beginners with a simpler and easier method:   

To begin you will need to understand the turns of the Rubik's cube to follow the manual/"algorithims".

*Other solutions show an inverse turn on each side. However, it can get confusing remembering the difference between a regular turn and the inverse turn, therefore, we have created an easier set of letters to represent each turn when solving the Rubik's cube. *


RU - RIGHT Face UP turn

RD - RIGHT Face DOWN turn


LU - LEFT Face UP turn 

LD - LEFT Face DOWN turn

BR - BACK Face RIGHT turn

BL - BACK Face LEFT turn

DR - DOWN Face RIGHT turn

DL - DOWN Face LEFT turn

FR - FRONT Face RIGHT turn

FL - FRONT Face LEFT turn

UR - UP Face RIGHT turn

UL - UP Face LEFT turn 

Turn Tutorial